More than 8.000 sales force representatives are supported by software from P&P.
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Current issues

March 2013

Cooperation Convention

Already for the 5th time companies interested in pharmaceutical topics meet at the yearly combined convention of INSIGHT Health, Credopard, direkt + online, IDV and P&P. ...

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January 2013

New website projected

At the moment our new website is under construction. Soon you will be able to browse our brand-new and up-to-date homepage. ...

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October 2012

Customer Symposium P&P

Main topic of this years customer symposium has been the presentation of TwinS.N-Mobile. ...

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Picture Univetsitaet
What are the newest trends in programming, which tools define the standard? Where and how can we strike new paths?
In cooperation with the Johann-Wolfgang Goethe University of Frankfurt and the Technical academy Darmstadt we have conducted research projects or stand in close contact to students/master´s degree alumni. Picture Bullet


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Foreign activities


The general agency of P&P software and consulting GmbH doesn’t only supervise the programs licensed to pharmaceutical companies in Austria but also conducts the processing and distribution of IMS regional data to headquarters and field service staff members as well as conducting special analysis.
In 2008, a TwinS32 system for the internal reporting of pharmacy sales data was developed for multiple pharmacies in Austria in cooperation with the OTC business unit of a grand international pharmaceutical company.
The CRM data of the visitor reporting were then integrated into the system.

Because of the already established clientele of P&P software and consulting GmbH in Germany and Austria, the general agency started to extend their activities to the neighboring country of Switzerland. Contact here had already been established with leading pharmaceutical companies.


Picture Austria

Even in the early 1990ies the DOS Turbo Plan at that time was distributed with the help of a cooperation partner in Austria.
Nowadays we serve the Austrian market directly from our office in Perchtoldsdorf located in the southwest of Vienna.


Beginning of acquisition from the second half of the year 2008:

The introduction of TwinServer and different frontends like TwinS32 and the subsequent development of TwinS.N is a logical continuation of the P&P strategy which has been successful for many years: Be present on markets that you know and only go where you can guarantee an optimal customer service.

TwinServer and its frontends were adapted to the federal conditions of Switzerland and are now available for presentations and tests for interested companies.

Naturally, we offer our own developed map graphic software as well as many additional options for users in Switzerland.
The supervision for Switzerland is handled by qualified local employees.


Picture Mexiko

A market with ca. 110Mio inhabitants and more that 100.000 physicians.

Since 2002 P&P is successfully represented in Mexico via the company CID Centro de Datos, S.A. More than 60 national and international pharmaceutical companies are supported over P&P software by optimizing their regional sales and revenue figures.
That means that our products continuously offer valuable and conclusive information to more than 4000 field service staff members.

And really important is: C.I.D. elates regional basis data in México which is then further processed with our software. Because of this our own developed map that can show complex structures is available for this country.

Further additional tools simplify working with large data material. The newest program element is a large budget module to control the fulfillment of the sales-/revenue aims.

We would be glad to contact our Mexican partner for you if necessary. You can of course email our Mexican partner by yourself:

Picture Knobloch+cidlatina


Picture Argentina

This picture is based on the picture of Argentina from the free encyclopedia Wikipedia and underlies the GNU Free Documentation License. The creator of this picture is antipatico.

Knobloch information group is now also present in Argentina
Some basic information on this pharmaceutically very interesting country:
Argentina has about 40Mio inhabitants and is the 7th largest territorial state in the world and the number 4 of pharmaceutical markets in Latin America.

  1. The sales of pharmaceuticals count approx. 3 billion US-dollars. There are about 100.000 doctors and 150.000 hospital beds.
  2. A strong generic market (approx. 20%) is dominated by national producers.
    The OTC part of the total market is about 10%. There is a distinct governmental control for pharmaceutical prices.
  3. Just as in Mexico the regionalized data ascertained from Knobloch Information group is analyzed with P&P software programs.

We would be glad to contact our partner for you if necessary. Of course you can email our partner by yourself:

Picture Knobloch+cidlatina


Picture Ukraine

This picture is based on the picture of Ukraine from the free encyclopedia Wikimedia Commons and underlies the GNU Free Documentation License. The creator of this picture is captain blood.

SMD (Support in Market Development) is the leading company in the sphere of marketing researches, business analysis and forecasting in the pharmaceutical markets of Ukraine and CIS countries (Belarus, Moldova, Kazakhstan, Azerbaijan, Georgia and Armenia). In these countries SMD offers the clients (pharmaceutical companies and manufacturers, drugstores) the fullest and most trustworthy information about the retail and hospital pharmaceutical markets, their dynamics and development forecasts. The list of SMD information products includes:

  1. Pharmaceutics establishments purchase and sale audit
  2. Hospital establishments purchase audit
  3. Second distribution audit
  4. Import medicine analyses
  5. Doctor prescription analyses
  6. Ad Hoc research
  7. Analytical services
  8. SMD is a partner of P&P Software (English version of TwinServer/TwinS32/GeoGraph)
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