More than 8.000 sales force representatives are supported by software from P&P.
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Quality standard

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The qualitative high manned standard at P&P is continuously extended.
We constantly enforce ourselves with specialists like it is not often seen on the market. This way we keep our advance in quality for the good of our clients. Picture Bullet

We educate

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Since several years we exercise people to IT specialists for application development or IT system providers.
This way we get young and customized staff members that are a precious complement to our team. Picture Bullet

Proximity to research

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What are the newest trends in programming, which tools define the standard? Where and how can we strike new paths?
In cooperation with the Johann-Wolfgang Goethe University of Frankfurt and the Technical academy Darmstadt we have conducted research projects or stand in close contact to students/master´s degree alumni. Picture Bullet

Focusing on the future

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Today, P&P already works on solving tomorrow’s problems. The consequent focusing on one customer area, the pharmaceutical industry, concentrates all our strength on the following targets: The existing systems are continuously maintained and adapted to new standards.
This occurs in close contact
and coordination with our customers. Picture Bullet

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UnderstandING the market

About 10.000 pharmaceutical referents from nationally as well as internationally operating companies, from specialists to major contractors advertise daily at local doctors for the favor of prescription.
Special management operators take care of the ideal use of these “front people” since the 60ies.

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To do so, pharmaceutical companies nowadays have an impressive pallet of different acquirements. Apart from large scale sales and deposit data, regionalized information is available for prescriptions on different aggregation levels; surveys further clarify the picture. Only few other branches deal with similarly large masses of data.
This also applies to pharmacies and clinics, although in a slightly smaller extent.

Field service control systems should measure and evaluate the success of pharmaceutical referents. To make this possible, two core competence areas have to be examined: mass data processing and the connection with parameters from ETM/CRM-systems.
The evaluation and interpretation of the achieved efforts resulting from this should not and cannot be subjected to field service control systems. Such software packages ideally provide accurately conditioned data for professional analysis with multiple criteria.

Understand the task

A software company can only have constant success in this complex and lively market if it expands its expert knowledge, if it responds to new trends even while they are just developing and if it cooperates closely with its users.

A desire to always aspire to being among the best, taking pleasure in neat practice-oriented solutions and a willingness to listen as well as an unselfish helpfulness form the basis of maintaining an efficient partnership.

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Expert software - even accurately programmed and cleanly installed - is only worth its price when the user can use its potential.
Therefore a fast and competent service is as important to us as the product's quality itself. If it’s about small or large adaptations, about training or problem solution, online or locally, our team looks forward to every proof of effort.

As soon as an unauthorized person has access to databases or even manipulates them the databases immediately lose their value. Your safety is a top priority. We constantly optimize the data privacy without impeding the user with additional fees.