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The qualitative high manned standard at P&P is continuously extended.
We constantly enforce ourselves with specialists like it is not often seen on the market. This way we keep our advance in quality for the good of our clients. Picture Bullet


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What are the newest trends in programming, which tools define the standard? Where and how can we strike new paths?
In cooperation with the Johann-Wolfgang Goethe University of Frankfurt and the Technical academy Darmstadt we have conducted research projects or stand in close contact to students/master´s degree alumni. Picture Bullet


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TwinS32 has been for years our established standard-frontend for editing sales and revenue data in the field service. TwinS32 unites the sum of a 20 year long experience with development work from and with our clients. All these experiences led to the development of TwinS.N which represents the latest development status of our software tools. For over a third of all sales reps in the located area P&P frontends are the first choice when it comes to professional field service control.

Performance features

Data source:
From TwinServer or any other Data Warehouse.

The most important details at a glance:

Offline applications, starting basis for the new tool TwinS.N.

Connection of graphic, data view and map as well as extracts from ETMS/CRMS on one screen.

Large amount of functionalities: ranking, selection, basic calculating operations, sorting etc., feedback for headquarters.

For further Details please contact P&P.

TwinS/TwinS32 : SQL-connection to the call reporting system

The connection of quantitative data from the field service control systems with the quantitative but also qualitative information from the call reporting system is a MUST in modern processing programs. The combination should occur on site at the client and not at the service provider. The highly sensible data should stay in the clients` location and particularly in his charge.

TwinS32 solves this problem in an elegant way. Through SQL requests every single feature in ETMS/CRMS can be used as selection criteria. The condition is that the call reporting system has an SQL capable database- this is the case in mostly all systems that are used nowadays.

Such features which can be accumulated can be adapted from TwinS32 for further processing in rows or columns. The time period of the evaluation is flexible up to several days. On monthly or quarter levels evaluations like coverage, frequency potential per doctor etc are possible without loss of time. The already complied requests are saved in a macro so that they will process automatically later on. Qualitative information about the doctors is shown in a separate window.

SQL drill down in TwinS32 is standardized but can be extended with any criteria (feature). To skilled users who want to generate SQL requests on their own, an interface is opened on demand. P&P supports the drill down of all commercially available visitor reporting systems.

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