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Since several years we exercise people to IT specialists for application development or IT system providers.
This way we get young and customized staff members that are a precious complement to our team. Picture Bullet

Current issues

March 2013

Cooperation Convention

Already for the 5th time companies interested in pharmaceutical topics meet at the yearly combined convention of INSIGHT Health, Credopard, direkt + online, IDV and P&P. ...

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January 2013

New website projected

At the moment our new website is under construction. Soon you will be able to browse our brand-new and up-to-date homepage. ...

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October 2012

Customer Symposium P&P

Main topic of this years customer symposium has been the presentation of TwinS.N-Mobile. ...

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Context sensitive help nowadays belongs to every quality software product. All P&P program elements are provided with detailed and user friendly helps by today’s market standard of compiled HTML-helps.

The help browser of all P&P software package contains an index, index function and full text search. Besides, context sensitivity is available which can be started directly from the programs. The helps describe functions that can be accessed via the menu bar function. For easy orientation the structure of the software is optimally displayed as the index is based on the menu navigation of the programs.

Multiple images are also provided with links to descriptive texts. In many help subjects further information can be either displayed or hidden using hidden texts, pop ups and extendable hyperlinks.

On customer demand TwinS32 help, since September 2005, also contains an example of use besides the exact description of particular functions.
These contain a section from the many possibilities which TwinS32 offers for the evaluation of reports.
The examples show the easy optical change of the report layout as well as complex calculations and analyses.
Explicit examples are shown step by step so that they can be easily comprehended. We offer basic reports for easy comprehension of the examples. The help of the new TwinS.N will also be provided with examples of use.

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