More than 8.000 sales force representatives are supported by software from P&P.
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P&P Software: The experts

Since 1985, we are a partner of the pharmaceutical industry for sales force control. We have gained much indepth knowledge of the market from institutions and industry alike.

P&P Systems like TwinServer and TwinS32 / TwinS.N can be used for capturing, presenting and analysing mass data in pharmaceutical companies, in headquarters as well as in the sales force.

At the moment we focus our development capacities on the topic of Mobile Devices. Starting in the second half of 2012 our brand-new software-package TwinS.N-mobile will also allow the use of already existing reports on devices like the iPad. In parallel we develop the same functionality for the Android-platform.

Nowadays more than 100 renowned companies, some of them having more than 1.000 sales force staff members, at home and abroad trust in P&P software. Hence, even in Germany alone 5.000 medical representatives work with our applications while more than 8.000 field service staff members worldwide are supported by our software.

For solving special scientific tasks we successfully cooperate with the Johann-Wolfgang Goethe University of Frankfurt. For responses to current special questions, e.g. on sales force staff members, the advice of our highly qualified employees is at your disposal.

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Focusing on the future

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P&P is working on solving tomorrow’s problems even today. The consequent focus on one customer area, the pharmaceutical industry, concentrates all our strength on the following aims: The existing systems are continuously maintained and adapted to new requirements. This occurs in close coordination with our customers.
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Quality standard

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The high qualitaty standard of staff at P&P is continuously extended. We keep reinforcing our team with specialists, something not often found on the market. This allows us to keep our advance in quality for the good of our clients.
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Proximity to research

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What are the newest trends in programming? Which tools define the standard? Where and how can we strike new paths? In cooperation with the Johann-Wolfgang Goethe University of Frankfurt and the Technical academy Darmstadt we have conducted research projects and now stand in close contact to students/diplomats.
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We educate

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We have been training people in order to become IT specialists or IT system providers for several years. This supplies us with young, customized staff members which are a precious addition to our team.
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Current issues

March 2013

Cooperation Convention

Already for the 5th time companies interested in pharmaceutical topics meet at the yearly combined convention of INSIGHT Health, Credopard, direkt + online, IDV and P&P. ...

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January 2013

New website projected

At the moment our new website is under construction. Soon you will be able to browse our brand-new and up-to-date homepage. ...

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October 2012

Customer Symposium P&P

Main topic of this years customer symposium has been the presentation of TwinS.N-Mobile. ...

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